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Nomi Health

we partnered with Finance to prioritize and fill 250+ roles:

  • 25 Exec level roles
  • 150 Clinician roles
  • 50 Software and Product roles
  • 25+ Sales and Professional roles

the summary

Nomi Health was a new company and still lacked an employment brand, recruiting technology, and recruiting processes but had to hire fast.

They purchased Recruiting as a Service and scaled from 3 hires per month to 80+ hires per month. The company scaled from 5 employees to 400 employees in 2 just years to meet the demands of COVID. They got people tested and back to work while building out the technology and payments for healthcare billing.

Additionally, this allowed the company to be profitable and later raise a large A-round of funding, valuing the company to a unicorn status.

the story

the problem

Nomi Health had no employment brand or consistent way on how to pitch the company, no candidates in the pipeline, no recruiting process or technology to recruit, and had a lack of prioritization of key roles to hire (i.e., clinical to executive to technical hires).

These problems could have led Nomi Health to struggle to meet the demands of customer contracts, miss out on revenue, and face a deficet of talent.

Eventually, mis-hires and cost per hire would increase due to no recruiting strategy or planful approach to hiring.

the solution

Ramp Talent stepped in to build out the employment brand on key sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. We created a consistent pitch to sell candidates on Nomi's mission and developed a pipeline of candidates for every key role (at least 3 candidates per role).

A company was consulted to purchase the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) so candidates have a good experience. Hiring managers were trained on interview practices and implemented a referral program. Ramp Talent then partnered with Nomi on company acquisitions to recruit for acquired companies.

This led to an average time to fill of 35 days and a 95% offer to acceptance ratio.

the result

The end result was a strong partnership with a ramped recruiting team. We are embedded into the business and can flex up or down with hiring demands.

Recruiters can easily sell and pitch the Nomi Health brand to prospective candidates. Cost per hire has gone down as they are less reliant on pay by placement (estimated $1.2M in recruiting fees saved by using RaaS).

There is more of a niche focus on key skills needed to drive the business forward, a strong network of talent who are aware of Nomi Health and interested in joining the company, and recruiting is now a strategic strength of the company.