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you are looking to fill a few technical positions or build up an overleveraged team. just pay for the positions you need filled immediately.

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Recruiting as a Service (RaaS)

you are looking for continuous and consistent services. you need a few positions filled each month. pay monthly at a discounted rate.

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Executive Search

you are looking to fill a leadership position. you want extra research and time put into this requisition. pay a premium.

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Which Service is Right for You?

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we want to get right to work. with Retingency, you will only pay for exactly what you need. you tell us the roles you need filled, and we will find candidates for those roles.

if you are looking to fill just a single role and would like to start working with us, Retingency could be the way to go.

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Recruiting as a Service

Retingency and pay by placement can be expensive when considered as a long term solution. RaaS, a subscription model, is much more feasible. no need to hire additional recruiting staff, pay as you scale.

on average, clients save $678K per year by switching to RaaS. Click the button below to try it out! we offer a trial of 3 candidates for any specified role.

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3-5 roles per month

great for companies who regularly have 3-5 open roles and do not want to pay for an internal recruiter or pay by placement. we will deliver you 3-5 qualified and pre-screened candidates per role and you do not need to worry about paying for each candidate you place.

6-10 roles per month

your hiring activity has picked up BUT you do not have time to worry about recruiting. you need an experienced recruiting team to run point on recruiting so you can focus on building your company while we partner with you to find top talent.  

11-15 roles per month

you are hiring at scale. we partner with you to build your internal recruiting team, recruiting technology stack and partner with your team to do the important work (i.e., hire top talent).

16+ roles per month

congrats on your growth. see us for further consultation.