Seth Weinert

Seth Weinert

Chief Revenue Officer

Get ready for some serious sales wisdom from Seth Weinert.

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Get ready for some serious sales wisdom from Seth Weinert, the seasoned business development pro who knows how to conquer.

With an impressive track record at Hirevue, Zibtek, Clearview Social, Ovation, and Hightop, Seth is the secret sauce behind their soaring success.

Notably, at Ovation, Seth co-founded the #1 Restaurant Guest Feedback Platform. As a graduate of 500 Startups, Seth raised an initial $1 million, driving the company’s revenue from $0 to $3 million. This experience equipped him with a deep understanding of sales strategies and effective revenue generation.

Now, as a Sales Advisor, Seth has set his sights on the tech-enabled staffing industry. He’s got an eagle eye for spotting growth opportunities and a strategic approach that’ll leave your competitors in the dust. Get ready to scale and thrive under Seth’s guidance. He’ll whip your sales tactics into shape, teaching you to conquer any challenge in this cutthroat market.