Have you ever applied for a Fake Job?

The step cousin to “Fake News” is something called “Fake Hiring”.

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September 5, 2023
Have you ever applied for a Fake Job?



Issue #9

August 31, 2023

“Fake news is cheap to produce. Genuine journalism is expensive.” - Toomas Hendrik IIves

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  • Job News: What is a Fake Job Posting?
  • Overheard at coffee: Does anyone else here feel like our whole company is stupid?
  • Congratulations goes to: People who have figured out how to work from home and still have a job.
  • Hot Jobs to check-out: 1) Head of Product at Veracio (need mechatronics experience and Utah based)

We get dozens of emails about job opportunities.

So a Big shout out to Cheryl from Seattle who landed a VP of Marketing role through The Deputy community and good luck to Jeff who is interviewing for a Head of Product role.

We look forward to seeing you do well and welcome to The Deputy!

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🙋Job News: I wonder who will see my resume for the Fake Job I just applied for…

The step cousin to “Fake News” is something called “Fake Hiring”. Fake Hiring is when a position is posted on a company’s career’s website but there is no plan or work being done to hire the position. Sadly, many jobs posted may be Fake Job Postings.

Employers have their reasons to do this. Some employers post jobs knowing they are going to hire someone internal. They post a job to show their internal staff they looked outside the company but ended up hiring the gal down the hall. Some employers have internal policies they adhere to like, “the job must be posted for 5 business days before they can consider someone internal”. They have a policy like this to show they considered everyone. More of a CYA move.

Some other reasons employers post job openings might be for SEO and marketing purposes or appearances that the company is growing.

It looks better to have some roles listed on your website than zero roles. This is a sly but cheap way to increase website traffic.

Hey everyone look at me, “We are hiring. We don’t plan to hire someone for 8 months but we have roles posted

Watch out for Fake Jobs

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Coffee Talk ☕

Does anyone else here feel like our whole company is stupid? Except for you Stan. You are one of the smartest people on the team but as I was filling up my mug with this terrible coffee I can’t think of many smart people here at the company.

Many employees who spend years working their way to the TOP of the corporate ladder come to find out that it’s more about “who you know” than “what you know”. I don’t know S*$t about F**k but I do know that Bob plays golf with Barry every Saturday and Barry was at his wedding so they are both buddies. I am going to make sure Bob and Barry like me so I can get promoted.

There are better ways to advance at work. It comes down to being disciplined to get really good at something and focusing your work to help yourself and your company grow. Seek to find people in your company with your same mentality.

Here are some ways to climb the corporate ladder, from intern to Chief…

Climb that Corporate ladder

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Congratulations to people still trying to work from home...

People who have figured out how to work from home and still have a job is becoming more rare at Amazon.

Amazon CEO, Adam Jassy, has had enough of the work from home life. Jassy now says all corporate employees must be in the office at least 3 days a week. This mandate went into effect in May and employees responded by leaving their homes at lunch to protest at the Seattle headquarters. Shouldn’t they have just stayed home to protest?...

If your boss says it’s time to drive into work and you don’t want to, then make sure your work is valuable to the company so the boss has to keep you. Otherwise, be ready to be replaced.

The "Work from home" vs. "Work from the office" debate will keep all the HR staff busy for the foreseeable future. The Deputy says show up to the office when it makes sense to collaborate but stay home when you need to focus and get shizzle done. Action and results trump all.

Amazon corporate says come to the office

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🔥Hot Jobs to check-out OR refer people ($1K referral fee for Deputy Talent members). Details below…

1) Head of Product role at Veracio - A mining intelligence company - Candidates will need experience in mechatronics and be Utah based or willing to relo to Utah.

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