Hey boss can I work overtime?

The Deputy’s take - Keep working on your personal skills and let your results do the talking.

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September 10, 2023
Hey boss can I work overtime?



Issue #10

September 7, 2023

“Overtime? If I wanted to work, I would have worked the first 8 hours I was here!"- Unknown

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  • Job News: Hey boss, can I work overtime?
  • Overheard at coffee: Was that a “B” as in “Billions”? OpenAI on track to do over $1B in revenue over 12 months
  • Congratulations goes to: Anyone who got off their ass today
  • Hot Jobs to check-out: 1) Head of Product at Veracio (need mechatronics experience and Utah based) and 2) Coming soon - A remote Credit Analyst job with a FinTech company - details coming soon.
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🙋Job News: Hey Boss, can I work overtime?...

President Biden is looking to get more people paid for working OT. Currently, overtime is available to almost all hourly workers but if you are salaried worker earning below $35.6K you don’t get paid extra for working over 40 hours per week. Well Biden’s proposal would increase the threshold for salaried workers to $55K.

Biden might be confused about a lot of things (like where he was last night), but he is trying to help the middle class in America. If your job title is Director of First Impressions (i.e., front desk assistant), depending on your salary, you might get paid for OT. Let’s go!

Don’t hold your breath though. This proposal still needs to be passed by labor support groups, lobbyists and do you think they are going to work overtime to get the bill passed?...

The Deputy’s take - Keep working on your personal skills and let your results do the talking. Don’t wait for President Biden or any future President to give you a raise.

Overtime pay for more salaried managers

Facial recognition biometric technology and artificial intelligence concept.

Coffee Talk ☕

The era of AI is here and people are freaking out and companies are making billions. Yes, Billions. OpenAI is on track to do over $1B in revenue over the next 12 months. That's something  like $80M+ per month.

Here at The Deputy, this newsletter is not written by an AI bot but we would like to say that we do use AI to enhance our writing and outsource some of the mundane recruiting tasks and written material. Oh and while we are talking about AI, how about some of the AI images? The people that AI creates look better than real people.

There are many doom and gloom views about AI and while they have their merits, ignoring AI is risky as well.

It’s time to build and see what AI can do for your business. OR not.

OpenAI on track to do over $1B in annual revenue

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Congratulations to anyone who got off their ass today...

If you did some physical exercise this morning (30 minutes or more) you are better off than most Americans. It’s not too late though. You can do a workout at lunch or tonight. Just do it.

Less than 5% of adults participate in physical activity each day...

The most active states across America are Alaska, Montana, Utah and Vermont. Shout out to the mountain states!

Contrarily, the least active states are Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and Kentucky. Time to get off your asses in the Southern states.

Exercises facts and stats - Get movin!

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🔥Hot Jobs to check-out OR refer people ($1K referral fee for Deputy Talent members). Details below…

1) Head of Product role at Veracio - A mining intelligence company - Candidates will need experience in mechatronics and be Utah based or willing to relo to Utah.

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