I used up all my sick days so I'm calling in dead...

The halls at work might be lonely today. Yes, all your co-workers may have called in sick.

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September 5, 2023
I used up all my sick days so I'm calling in dead...



Issue #8

August 24, 2023

"I used up all my sick days so I'm calling in dead" - Abraham Maslow

In today’s newsletter:

  • Job News: If you have a job, today, August 24th is your day to call off sick.
  • Overheard at coffee: Deputy Career advice - Never Ignore a Recruiter.
  • Congratulations goes to: The first of its kind - a wind powered cargo ship. The Pyxis Ocean is en route from China to Brazil.
  • Hot Jobs to check-out: 1) Head of Product at Veracio (need mechatronics experience and Utah based)
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🙋Hey boss, can I be sick today...

The halls at work might be lonely today. Yes, all your co-workers may have called in sick. According to PTO-tracking app Flamingo, today August 24th is the most common day to sleep in call-in-sick for US workers.

Around 300 businesses with over 10K employees participated in the study and today, August 24th emerged as the winner of “sick days”.

If you are looking for a job, now would be a good time to call a hiring manager and let them know you won’t ever fake a sick day, especially if it’s on August 24th  or the day after the Super Bowl (2nd most called in sick day).

Nobody seems to know why August 24th is the most common call-in-sick day but if you are really sick, I wish you good health and stay home.

The sickest day of the year -

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Coffee Talk ☕

Shout out to all the recruiters out there who are still in the game. Here is some career advice to anyone looking for a job. Be kind to recruiters. Many candidates who ghosted recruiters in 2021 are now being nice to them in 2023… when they need a job.

Like the “Need a Favor” song from musician Jelly Roll goes…I only talk to God or a “recruiter” when I need a favor. Yeah, don’t do that. Always be kind to them.

A good recruiter is there to help you and they know the job market frontwards and backwards and all the scoop on hiring.

Be Kind to recruiters

beautiful regatta boats by the sea on a sunny day

Congratulations to the Pyxis Ocean cargo ship...

The Pyxis Ocean cargo ship has set out on its maiden voyage from China to Brazil. While Captain Jake Sparrow may not be on the ship, we are going back in time to when wind was used to propel ships.

The ship has wind-powered sails that are designed to cut fuel costs and consumption and save 20 tonnes of CO2 per day per ship.

It is estimated that it will take 6 weeks (a little slower than combustion) to make the voyage and we are just in the beginning stages of this newer technology. If this method continues to evolve, it will open the doors to a greener future for the polluting industry of shipping cargo and as the technology advances scientists believe they cut the shipping time down.

Congratulations goes to Cargill, the scientists, engineers, professionals and laborers for putting this ship together. You are the wind beneath our environment’s wings.

New technology - Wind powered cargo ships

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🔥Hot Jobs to check-out OR refer people ($1K referral fee for Deputy Talent members). Details below…

1) Head of Product role at Veracio - A mining intelligence company - Candidates will need experience in mechatronics and be Utah based or willing to relo to Utah.

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