If you want something done, ask a Lazy Girl...

The process to recycle the Lithium Ion batteries that charge EV cars, needs talent.

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September 5, 2023
If you want something done, ask a Lazy Girl...



Issue #4

July 25, 2023

"If you want something done fast, ask a lazy person because they will find an easy way to do it”...

" - unknown  (some sources say Bill Gates but we couldn't confirm it)

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  • Job News: Who is going to recycle all the EV car batteries?

  • Overheard at coffee: Stay in bed Moms, Lazy Guy Bosses and Lazy Girls - There is a trend for you - A Lazy Girl Job

  • Congratulations goes to: Leon Marchand - the guy who broke Michael Phelps’ last swim record. He’s not lazy.

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Man drives an eco friendy electric hand drawn car concept

🙋Can I put my old EV car battery in the recycle bin? No.

Chances are you drive a Tesla or some type of EV car. Do you ever wonder where the battery in your EV car will go after the battery life is over? Well, the process to recycle the Lithium Ion batteries that charge EV cars, needs talent.

The battery recycling industry isn’t profitable yet because it’s labor intensive and costs a lot of money to ship the batteries to a center to recycle them. In short, this is a big problem and the battery recycling industry needs talented people.

There are about 5 major players in the battery recycle market in the USA and with all the EV cars coming out, the automobile battery recycling industry is projected to get much bigger. The market size for recycling automotive Lithium Ion batteries was at $6.5B in 2022 and is projected to reach $35.1B by 2031.

AND the 5 USA major players in the battery recycle industry are…

  • America Battery Technology Company - Reno, Nevada
  • Cirba Solutions - Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Ecobat - Dallas, Texas
  • Redwood Materials - Carson City, Nevada
  • International Metals Reclamation Company - Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

Interested in working in the battery recycling company? The recycling industry needs smart people to make the recycling process better. Reply to this email OR hit us up in our Discord channel. We will do our best to help you.

Lithium Ion Battery Market

Beautiful woman falling asleep while reading a book

Coffee Talk ☕

If you hang out at the coffee shop enough, chances are you will run into a lazy girl or lazy guy taking a coffee break. Yes, a hard working “Lazy Girl Job” is a thing now.

The Lazy Girl Job trend is Gen Z’s response to the hustle culture that all the previous generations (from Baby Boomer to Gen X to Millenials) started. The Lazy Girl Job trend started when 26-year old Gabrielee Judge posted a TikTok about her lazy girl job and coined the phrase, “Lazy Girl Job”.

Gen Z wants something different but it sounds like they just copied that old saying from the Boomers that goes something like “if you want something done fast, ask a lazy person because they will find an easy way to do it”...

Here’s The Deputy’s take - If you choose to be lazy, then be good at it. Make sure you are helping your company make money or save money. It’s hard to fire someone who brings in the dough. If you can make a positive impact in 3 hours versus what takes someone else 8 hours to do, then go for it. You have a Lazy Girl Job.

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happy children kids group  at swimming pool class  learning to swim

Congratulations goes to all the swimmers out there...

The opposite of a Lazy Girl Job…A swimmer. Frenchman, Leon Marchand broke Michael Phelps’ last world record on Sunday, July 23 in Japan. He broke it by swimming 4:02.50 in the 400 IM (Individual Medley).

For non-swimmers like most of us, the 400 IM is swimming a ¼ of a mile but doing it with 4 major strokes - the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

Sadly, swimming doesn’t get much credit but know this -  you can’t be lazy to break a swimming record.

The next time you are being lazy by the pool, go swim a few laps and see how fast you can swim. You probably won’t break any records but you won’t be lazy either. Hat-tip to all the swimmers out there.

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