Send Carbon to the Ground

Yes, Biden bet $1.2B big ones on Carbon Capture.

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September 5, 2023
Send Carbon to the Ground



Issue #7

August 17, 2023

"The future will be better tomorrow" - Dan Quayle

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  • Job News: Biden bets $1.2B big ones on Carbon Capture - 4,800 jobs to follow.
  • Overheard at coffee: More on Biden - A Psycho 75 year old Provo, UT man died trying to assassinate President Biden last week.  
  • Congratulations goes to: Any recruiter who posts the salary range for a job posting.
  • Hot Jobs to check-out: 1) Developer Success Engineer at hot gaming company, (remote in Europe) and 2) Head of Product at Veracio
Dear Future, Im Ready... written on desert road

🙋Follow the money...

Yes, Biden bet $1.2B big ones on Carbon Capture. Many scientists are on board with carbon capture but many scientists are not on board with the technology we have developed to capture carbon and put it back into the ground.

We need to do something about climate change and investing money and time into a problem is a step in the right direction. This will also create an estimated 4,800 good paying jobs.

We need to continue the science and research to address climate change and make it less about politics. Driving your Tesla might make you feel good but it’s not doing much to help with climate change.

Follow the money, research like a scientist and learn from smart scientists.

PS - can we capture dog farts and put them in the ground?

$1.2B Carbon Caputure

Young woman helping old man to stand up

Coffee Talk ☕

The last time Provo, Utah made the national headlines it was from a Fletch movie. Sadly, Provo made the headlines in a bad way last week. 75 year old Craig Robertson was shot by officers trying to arrest him after a long history of social media threats and a previous incident of pointing a handgun at Google Fiber employees to get off his property.

Craig Robertson was killed after pointing a gun at FBI agents last week in anticipation of President Biden’s Utah visit.

Like our president (Joe Biden is 80 years old), Craig Robertson is getting up there in age. Joe Biden himself challenged an Iowa voter to a push-up contest a few years back. If anyone is upset with Joe Biden it should be the person who can’t beat him in a push-up contest.

Like your Mom should have taught you. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all and keep driving through Provo.

Crazy 75 year old Provo man

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Congratulations recruiters who know what they are doing...

Recruiters who post accurate salary ranges to job postings know what they are doing. Laws have made it tricky to post salaries.

Like in Colorado or New York you must post job salaries on job postings. Or was it Idaho?  Well, I can’t remember. Just use common sense. Candidates want to know what the pay will be.

You shouldn’t need a law to tell you this.

Carry on.

Pay transparency by state

Creative business team putting hands together at the office

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