There’s a new way to work. It’s called “work hard and go home.”

The good news for technology workers is that you should search for jobs in the legal services industry.

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September 5, 2023
There’s a new way to work. It’s called “work hard and go home.”



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July 12, 2023

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  • Job News: Law firms are hiring for tech talent - Calling all AI experts.

  • Overheard at coffee: Basketball is not the main thing in my life. And probably never gonna be.” - Nikola Jokic (NBA superstar). Managers, take note - this is how people view their job.

  • Congratulations goes to: Any company who can raise VC funds right now.

  • Hot Jobs to check-out: Westland Construction - 1) Project Manager - St. George, Utah 2) Field Safety Manager - Tooele, Utah (free coffee on the house if you can pronounce Tooele correctly) and 3) Site Safety Manager - Orem, Utah
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🙋Did you run that by your attorney? Oh wait - ask ChatGPT instead.

Savvy law firms are hiring tech talent to tackle the drudgery law work. Sadly, a few years ago I watched my junior attorney friend miss out on his kids' Halloween trick or treat night because he was doing drudgery law work that could now be done by ChatGPT….

The good news for technology workers is that you should search for jobs in the legal services industry. Law firms need help keeping up with the times.

Bloomberg reports that law firms are hiring tech workers who have studied technology with an interest in AI (no Tort Law required!) to help them stand out from their competitors. Clients want more for less and they are using ChatGPT, BardAI, etc. to create first drafts of legal documents.

If you are in the legal field and not using AI to make your work easier, then you are missing out. Of course, we all know it’s about dem billable hours at law firms. Once they can master AI, they will be able to hire an AI bot to do the drudgery work so they can play Fantasy football OR watch America’s Got Talent at their desk while still getting their billable hours in.

Tech Workers take note - Law firms need your help with technology and AI. Here is a LIST of 234 AI jobs in the Legal space.

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Work hard to achieve your goals

Coffee Talk ☕

When you describe hustle culture, memes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant come up (I won’t mention Gary Vee but google him too). There is a new breed of hustle coming around - Think about what NBA superstar, Nikola Jokic said after winning his first NBA title…

You can read more about it HERE - but after winning the NBA title, Jokic basically said “The job is done. We can go home now”...

Why is this worth paying attention to? Job burnout is high and mental health is a real issue. Losing touch with the people who matter in your life is not good for your health in the long run. Jokic is a Gen Z or Millenial and he knows that basketball is his job, but not his life.

Don’t get it wrong. You need to put in the work to get really good at something and sometimes that involves dealing with stale coffee and lame co-workers. Don’t complain (or at least don’t be heard complaining), show up with your own coffee, get the job done then go home.

Like Jokic did, let your work do the talking. Your family and friends should come first but find the balance with work. Even if you win the lottery (70% of lottery winners burn through their money) - you still need to get fulfilled. Beers, naps and swimming pools can get boring and you will soon need mental and physical stimulation to feel alive.

Work hard, have fun with your workmates, get the job done and go home. And avoid lazy people.

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Congratulations to any company who can raise VC money...

The VC investing climate is rough these days and experts at Fortune say it will be tough for another 6 months. Q2 - 2023 VC deal count fell significantly again. Keep trying and it’s possible but may not be probable right now.

Twilio’s CEO, Jeff Lawson says during times like these, follow your customer, hire the right team and build products and services that your customer needs. Lawson is up in Deer Valley, UT this week (a short drive from my house) at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference where Tech CEOs gather to talk about mountain biking, yoga and do some work too.

Here’s the deal - If your company or job is impacted by the tough tech climate right now - keep going and building. You will get through this. Like that old saying goes, “When you are going through hell. Keep going”...

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The construction industry is hiring. See below.

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